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Toestemming voor links

By using our provided trademarks and/or logos and/or linking to Avery Dennison's Web pages, you agree to the following:

1. You will not alter any Avery Dennison logo(s) or use the logo(s) in any manner to make it appear that Avery Dennison is endorsing,
sponsoring or affiliated with you or your company.
2. You acknowledge the validity of Avery Dennison's ownership in all Avery Dennison logos and trademarks (collectively "Marks") and
will not contest such ownership or the validity of any registrations of Avery Dennison relating to the Marks. If you acquire any goodwill
or reputation in any of the Marks, all such goodwill or reputation will automatically vest in Avery Dennison when and as such goodwill
or reputation occurs. You agree to take all actions necessary to effect such vesting.
3. You are prohibited from using Avery Dennison's Marks or any names, marks, or other materials in a manner that is likely to cause
confusion with, dilute or damage the reputation or image of Avery Dennison or any of its products.
4. You agree not to make negative or disparaging references to Avery Dennison
or its products or otherwise compare Avery Dennison products unfavorably to other products.
5. You will only link to the following locations within the avery.com site:
6. You will not place Avery Dennison Web pages in a "frame" within your own Web site, without specific permission from Avery Dennison.
7. Avery Dennison reserves the right to terminate this consent to use its Marks and/or link to its Web site.
8. You agree to immediately cease and desist using our Marks and/or linking to our site on our written or electronic request.
9. This agreement may be amended only in writing executed by both parties.

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